How Many Calories Could be Burned on an Elliptical Machine

April 16, 2013 5:22 pm
How Many Calories Could be Burned on an Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines are wonderful exercising machines that look similar to stationary bikes but are capable of providing very effective cardio workouts without the customary strain on joints of an individual. This is the reason why these trainers are also called cross trainers. They are very popular among the health conscious who are desirous of attaining better fitness levels but do not want to spend on exorbitant gym fees these days. One aspect of elliptical workouts that not many people know about is the fact these machines provide aerobic exercises that make one lose a lot of calories during every session. This means that elliptical trainers can also be used to help people in their weight loss endeavors.

Rate of loss of calories is not uniform

There are many who are surprised to know they can actually lose around 750 calories in an hour of elliptical workout plan. This is because of the fact that exercising on these machines is so easy that people do not feel tired at all. However, the rate at which one can lose calories is not the same for everyone and it depends upon a lot of factors such as weight of the individual, the duration of workout, and the intensity at which one does his workout. Thus a frail girl of 20 something obviously loses much less calories during an hour of elliptical workout tan a heavy 200 pound man of 30 who exerts a lot during his workout. Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical is one elliptical machine that has got SIXSTAR certification. This means that the range of motions on this machine is very natural and it provides very smooth elliptical workout routines. However, people have found they can also lose a lot of calories on this machine quite easily.

Have a control over calories burnt using resistance settings

Most elliptical trainers come fitted with various resistance levels and you can choose the resistance according to the intensity of workout you want. However, increasing the resistance level makes the workout more intense and tougher making you burn a higher number of calories. Schwinn 431 Elliptical has 16 computer controlled levels of resistance to allow the user to burn a high number of calories during elliptical workout routines. You can also burn more calories than normal if you raise the incline of the elliptical machine. However, it does not always work in this manner and you have to take into consideration your height and leg length before resorting to maximum resistance and incline.

Make use of Elliptical interval workout

Instead of doing workouts at the same speed for entire duration of workout, it is far better to continue at a particular resistance level for 15-20 minutes and then take rest at a lower resistance level. You have to come back at the higher resistance level again to make it an elliptical interval workout. This is a great way to make your body lose calories at a furious pace as your body does not get accustomed to a particular elliptical workout routine. Interval workouts are known for their ability to make your heart and muscles work harder to let you burn calories at a fast rate.

Elliptical trainers with handles are more effective

One can hope to lose more calories with an elliptical machine that has handlebars that are movable rather than with an elliptical that does not have handle bars. This is because such an elliptical has the ability provide workout to your upper body muscles in addition to lower body muscles. Schwinn 460 Elliptical has become very popular among those who are desirous of losing weight because of its ability to make their body muscles work harder.

Get a better control of the machine

Even though elliptical machines are great in providing smooth and effective cardio workouts, they remain machines that have to be operated by us to derive maximum benefits. One has to keep in mind his own strengths and weaknesses before arriving at a workout plan that makes it possible to lose calories at a fast pace. Choosing a setting that is challenging and demands more muscles to put in lots of effort is what is required to burn calories at a fast pace.

Elliptical trainers have become hugely popular these days not only because of their ability to provide safe, smooth and effective cardio workouts but also because they provide the facility to lose calories during the process. One should keep in mind following points to lose maximum numbers of calories during his workouts.

  • Rate of loss of calories is not uniform for all people;
  • Faster rate can be achieved by changing resistance and incline levels;
  • Loss of calories is dependent upon the weight of the individual;
  • Interval training is very effective in burning calories at a faster rate.
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