Common Elliptical Workouts for Weight Loss

April 1, 2013 3:38 pm
Common Elliptical Workouts for Weight Loss

Ever since they were introduced during the nineties, elliptical trainers have become very popular among the masses. In addition to being found inside gyms where members wait for their turns to step on these stationary exercise machines that look like exercise bikes, more and more companies are making these fitness machines for use at homes and offices. Though most people use elliptical trainers to improve upon their fitness levels, there are many who make the most of these cross trainers as they also utilize these machines to lose weight. It has been proved beyond doubt that losing weight on elliptical is very much possible as one can lose more than 700 calories in an hour of work out on these trainers. However, many people remain confused as they do not know the right way that focuses on weight loss with elliptical.

Experts believe that elliptical trainers are powerhouses as they are able to provide very low impact and high intensity cardio vascular workouts to us. They also agree on the ability of elliptical trainers to help us lose weight as it is possible to burn more than 700 calories in an hour’s workout on an elliptical. This is great news for those who are obese but did not think much of an elliptical in terms of weight loss. With feet firmly secure on the pedals of the latest and the most advanced Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical, you hardly feel strain on your knees and ankles. Despite this, you are able to lose weight on a consistent basis provided you workout daily at a fast pace for some duration.

Elliptical trainers are machines that target more muscle groups of your body than other fitness machines. The more the number of muscles being used by your body, the higher is the number of calories that get burnt in a session with a cross trainer. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine has become very popular these days because of its ability to target more muscle groups inside your body. It is this ability that helps this cross trainer to make people achieve their weight loss goals.

One thing to remember while working with elliptical for weight loss is to keep making changes n the pace, duration, and the workouts themselves so that your body does not get used to the workouts. This is one common problem that people encounter and then complain that losing weight on elliptical is a myth. Adding variation to your workouts makes your muscles to be involved in a different manner during workout and this causes them to burn more calories as they are not used to the program. Mixing up of workouts is a great way to shake your muscles from a slumber and make them burn more calories to achieve your goal of weight loss.

Warm up before you jump on the elliptical machine

This is a common problem that people make and then lament that they are not able to lose weight with their cross trainer. When you start on Livestrong LS8.0E Elliptical, do not try to push hard at the pedals. Instead, pedal at a slow but consistent pace to allow your inner core temperature to rise gradually. This makes your muscles to prepare for the hard work ahead and they are ready to burn more calories.

Alternate between lower body and upper body workouts

While pedaling at a decent pace for some time is great for the health of your heart, you have to make transitions between focusing on your legs to making the machine work at your upper body muscles. This is possible by making the push and pull action at the moving handles of the elliptical machine. This causes you biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles to get involved in the workout and makes you lose more calories during the workout.

Switch to interval workouts to break the monotony

This is a good way to make your different muscle groups come into action with some time lag allow them to burn calories at a faster rate. You can get elliptical interval workout and do it in between your regular workout to get better results from your weight loss plan through elliptical machine.

Elliptical trainers are known for their ability to provide smooth and effective cardio vascular workouts. They are great for people having problems with their joints as their workouts are low impact. But the same cross trainer is also good at making you lose calories at a fast rate to help you lose weight.

  • Learn to burn more calories to be able to lose weight;
  • Keep on introducing different workout programs to not let your muscles get used to them;
  • Do not focus on legs alone as you can also get upper body workout through elliptical trainer;
  • Add variations of pace and time to make muscles burn more calories;
  • Introduce interval workout plan;
  • Warm up your body before attaining a frantic pace.
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