Does The Elliptical Strengthen The Hamstring?

April 21, 2013 6:12 am
Does The Elliptical Strengthen The Hamstring?

Elliptical machines are extremely popular around the world for being very effective in providing low impact cardio workouts to people. This means they do not put any strain on the joints of the individual and this is why they are very popular among old people and those who have issues with their knees and ankles. In addition, elliptical trainers are excellent for toning leg muscles. This includes your hamstrings, and if you have a desire to concentrate upon your hamstrings being an athlete or a sportsperson, it is very much possible through an elliptical workout. Hamstrings are the muscles that lie on the back of your leg and extend from your hip downwards to your thighs. These muscles take quite a bit of load in most of the physical activities you take part in, especially running, walking, cycling, and of course bodybuilding.

Your hamstrings become weak with a sedentary lifestyle and it is not surprising to find tight hamstrings unable to take the workload of strenuous physical activity. This mostly happens when there is a lack of exercise for this muscle and you continue to sit under a table on as chair for long hours. Tight and inflexible hamstrings can further lead to back pains. If you do not want this to happen to you, you must get exercise for your hamstrings. You can easily choose an elliptical workout that concentrates on your hamstrings.

Walking and running are great exercises for hamstrings. But if you have any problems with your joints, taking up elliptical training is a good way to tone up your hamstrings. Do not have any guilt about not being able to log your usual number of miles as you are still able to burn more than 6 calories per minute. More importantly, your leg muscles get the same level of exercise with elliptical workouts as from running or jogging minus all the wear and tear that is involved in these strenuous outdoor activities. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is one exercise machine that does not have any handles to get support but tones up your hamstrings and glutes as effectively as any other elliptical trainer.

Warming up at the start is good for tight hamstrings

Hamstrings are the muscles at the back of the leg between hips and thighs that work continuously when you walk or run. They have to contract and expand with each of your step. When using an elliptical, it is advisable to start at low levels of resistance to provide a warm up to your hamstrings. Gradually increase the speed and intensity of your workout to let your heart rate go up. This prevents any soreness in your hamstrings if you have tight hamstrings. Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer has 16 different resistance levels and you can set this resistance level to 1 or 2 to get some warm up for your hamstrings.

Move the pedals backwards

Once your muscles have warmed up sufficiently, you can provide exercise to your hamstrings by moving the pedals backwards. This requires pressing the heels on the foot pedals to get maximum exercise for your hamstrings. Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer not only looks after your back by providing a recumbent comfortable seat but also provides decent workout to your hamstrings by letting you place your feet on foot pedals and move them forward or backward during a workout.

Maintain correct posture during elliptical workout session

This is an important factor if you are desirous of effective hamstring workouts from your elliptical trainer. Do not lean forward while pedaling your way on the elliptical machine. If possible, lean a little backwards to place burden on your hamstrings rather than quadriceps.

Raise the level of incline

If your elliptical allows this, do exercises on a raised incline to simulate the condition cycling on an uphill slope. This puts pressure on your hamstrings and provides good workout to them.

Different elliptical machines have different settings and you will have to locate one that allows you to have a good workout of your hamstrings before making a decision of buying it. Just see to it that you do not have to sacrifice on your comfort level to get workout for your hamstrings.

Elliptical trainers are known for their ability to provide great cardio workouts without putting any strain on your joints. However, they can be used to get workouts for your hamstrings to make them flexible. Just keep in mind the following points to derive maximum benefits.

  • Start slowly and get warmed up before the real session;
  • Use backward movement of pedals to tone up your hamstrings;
  • Raise the incline to simulate biking on a slope;
  • Choose the elliptical wisely to ensure it provides exercise to your hamstrings;
  • Maintain correct posture to get hamstrings exercised.
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