An Elliptical Machine vs Walking for Weight Loss

April 1, 2013 12:15 pm
An Elliptical Machine vs Walking for Weight Loss

Most of us are aware of the health benefits of physical activities. We need to do some form of physical activity to burn calories and also to keep our muscles toned up and flexible. However, the situation becomes tricky when it boils down to choosing a particular method of exercise for specifically weight loss. Walking has long been considered beneficial for our health, especially cardiac health. But it is also a good way to shed some flab. There is also the option of working out on an elliptical in the comfort of one’s own home to achieve weight loss. Many people remain confused between these two ways of weight loss. Read on as this article attempts to take a closer look and make a comparison of the two ways of losing weight.

Pros of walking

Walking is one physical activity that comes naturally to all of us. This means that we are not new to this form of exercise and adapt to it as soon as we start on it. Walking can be undertaken indoors or outdoors but when we talk about walking, it is going out of the home and walk briskly along the road or inside a park for certain duration. Walking is not only free of cost; it does not require us to make use of any machines at all. All we have to do is to wear our sneakers and go out in an appropriate dress depending upon the weather conditions. Walking as an exercise not only helps in keeping up the health of our heart but also keeps our weight in check. It also tones up our muscles and strengthens our bones in addition.

Walking may seem like doing nothing but it can lead to weight loss if one walks at a brisk pace for a long duration daily. After all, the basic principle behind weight loss is the fact that one has to burn calories faster than he takes them in.

Cons of walking

Apparently, there are is no downside to taking up walking as a form of exercise. This is because it is beneficial to us in whatever manner we take to walking. However, there are times around the year when the weather is foul outside. If it is raining or snowing outside, it is not advisable to go out for one’s daily walk. Also, it is quite troublesome to get down hitting the road if you live in a high rise apartment.

Walking does not put strain on one’s body joints. However, when you walk briskly, there is pressure on your knees and ankles that can cause some wear and tear in the long run.

Pros of elliptical trainer

An elliptical trainer, also called a cross trainer, is a stationary exercise bike that is designed to simulate the natural body movements of walking, running, and stair climbing. It is not good at providing just a cardiovascular workout but is also a great way to burn calories at a fast pace to help achieve the goal of weight loss. There are many who ask the question if losing weight on elliptical is at all possible. For such people, recent studies have confirmed that working out for an hour on an elliptical like Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine makes one lose more than 70 calories.
On top of the ability to help people lose weight, the designing of elliptical trainers is such that they are able to provide really low impact workouts. This is great news for people with arthritis and other kinds of joint pains. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is a very popular machine that provides zero impact workouts.

Cons of elliptical trainer

There are people who are more comfortable while walking in a natural environment than when made to walk on an elliptical trainer. They say that they do not get the same feeling as their feet are firmly secured on the pedals of the elliptical trainer as in Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer. There are also people who do not like the idea of spending so much of money on a machine. Some people live in small houses with little space to keep elliptical trainers.

There can be no two opinions about the health benefits of the natural exercise called walking. However, elliptical workouts for weight loss have been proved to be equally effective. Keep the following points in mind before deciding in favor of natural walking or an elliptical.

  • Walking is natural and does not require any training;
  • Waling can be done all round the year except when the weather is foul;
  • For those who are very busy, elliptical for weight loss is a great idea as it does not require one to move out;
  • Elliptical provides very low impact workout that is good for people with joint problems whereas there is some wear and tear of the joints while walking for weight loss.
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