Elliptical Machines and Heart Rate

April 12, 2013 5:03 pm
Elliptical Machines and Heart Rate

Elliptical machines were invented during the 90’s as an alternative to treadmills and exercise bikes to provide low impact workouts to the users. They became highly popular because they proved very effective in providing excellent cardio workouts to the individuals without putting any strain on their knees and other joints. Better health of heart can be attained with the help of elliptical trainers very easily. The aerobic exercise done with elliptical; trainers push up the heart rate of the user and also strengthen the muscles of the heart. Though these machines are also used for lower and upper body workouts and also for weight loss programs, the primary goal of elliptical machines remains providing a high intensity cardiovascular workout to the individual.

Elliptical workouts increase heart rate

The market is full of elliptical machines that are designed to push up the heart rate to provide high intensity workouts without putting too much of strain on body parts. If one compares elliptical; workouts with running or walking on a treadmill, he finds that heart rate goes up to the desired levels without any wear and tear of the joints. Sole E55 Elliptical is one elliptical machine that allows users to have control of their heart rate. Having control over heart rate is a great function that enables users to design their workouts accordingly to derive maximum benefits from the cross trainer.

Our heart becomes stronger and fitter after elliptical workouts

It is your heart rate that is a good measure of the intensity of your workout. It is also an indicator of your level of fitness. This is why elliptical machines are considered very good for the health of your heart. Doing cardiovascular exercises on elliptical machines makes your heart fitter and stronger making it pump a higher amount of blood into various body parts with every beat of the heart. Sole Fitness E25 has become popular among health conscious people because of its ability to provide smooth and effective cardio vascular workout.

Elliptical trainers provide control over one’s heart rate these days

Our resting heart rate is around 70 beats per minute. It is when we do an exercise at a hard level that our heart rate goes up. It is good to know one’s resting heart rate that is normally taken in the mornings when we wake up. After having done elliptical workouts for some time, our resting heart rate comes down as our heart becomes more efficient at pumping blood. There is also maximum heart rate that is the maximum number of times one’s heart can beat in a minute. Finally there is your target heart rate that is expressed as a percentage of your maximum heart rate and is the desired heart rate during your elliptical machine workouts. It is this target heart rate that you should keep in mind to improve the efficiency of your workouts. By keeping your heart rate within this target heart rate, it is possible to monitor the progress of your best elliptical workout.

As you start to do your workout on an elliptical machine that is designed to simulate the effect f running and stair climbing without putting any strain on your knees and ankles, your heart rate starts to go up. The target heart rate should be between 50 and 60% of your maximum heart rate which is obtained by subtracting your age from 220. Depending upon your health and age, there is an optimum heart rate that is best suited to the condition of your health. By consulting a physician, you can know this optimum heart rate. Proform 6.0 ZE is a great cross trainer that has the feature of EKG pulse grip. This allows you to know your heart rate by placing your hands on the sensor of the grip for a few seconds.

  • In general, a lower heart rate signifies better heart health.
  • Our resting heart rate lies between 60 and 100 but with sufficient cardiovascular workout with the help of elliptical trainers one can bring his resting heart rate to around 40 beats in a minute.
  • Cardiovascular workouts from elliptical trainers are considered to be very effective and smooth as they increase our heart rate without causing any wear and tear of our joints such as ankles, thighs, and knees.

Basically, there are three different heart rates that we must be aware of.

  • Resting heart rate;
  • Maximum heart rate;
  • Target heat rate.

The lower the resting heart rate, the better is considered the health of our heart as it distributes blood to various organs of our body with greater efficiency. Cardiovascular workout with an elliptical machine helps us to reduce our resting heart rate from 60-100 to about 40. Also, we must know our optimum heart rate and design our elliptical workouts accordingly to keep our heart rate within this zone. We can know this optimum heart rate with the help of our physicians and keep an eye on our heart rates frequently during workouts.

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