Elliptical Trainers and Blood Pressure

April 12, 2013 5:38 pm
Elliptical Trainers and Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major health problem among a sizeable section of the society these days. It is a condition when the blood pressure of the individual remains high all the time and can lead to serious health hazards like heart attacks and strokes. The problem of high blood pressure is a result of a number of factors such as a fast paced lifestyle, poor dietary intake, and a lack of exercises. Thankfully, there are machines that can help one lower his blood pressure by providing low impact workouts. One such machine is an elliptical trainer that provides intense cardiovascular workouts without putting strain on the ankles and knees of the individual. Though most people consider an elliptical trainer as a tool to et cardio vascular workout in addition to toning of lower and upper body muscles, it can be an effective tool in their fight against high blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure by improving the strength of your heart

Elliptical workouts are designed to provide you with smooth and effective cardiovascular workouts. These workouts improve upon the strength of your heart and lower resting heart rate. Enhanced strength enables heart to pump blood to various organs of your body in a much more efficient and effective manner thereby lowering blood pressure. Proform 14.0 CE is one very popular cross trainer that is known for its ability to provide smooth cardiovascular workouts to the user. It allows the user to monitor his heart rate all the time with the help of heart rate sensors on the handlebars.

Lowering blood pressure by weight loss

Weight loss is another important benefit of elliptical machine workouts. Not many people are aware of the ability of an elliptical trainer to help one achieve his weight loss endeavor but it does this by allowing the user to burn his calories at a pace faster than his intake of calories. This is the basic principle behind any weight loss endeavor that you must lose calories faster than your consume. Scientific studies have revealed that elliptical workout routines allow an individual to burn on an average 750 calories in an hour. Doctors say that heart has to work that much stronger to pump blood in the case of obese people. Losing weight on a consistent basis with the help of elliptical trainers also helps obese people to have lower blood pressure. Sole Fitness E35 has become very popular among obese people because of its extremely high weight capacity of 375 pounds. The machine inspires confidence among overweight people as it does not wobble and does not produce noises while doing workouts. Losing weight on a consistent basis, even if it is piecemeal in nature, can help an individual in lowering his blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure by lowering bad cholesterol

There are many causes of high blood pressure and having high cholesterol levels is one of them. Blood pressure of an individual also depends upon bad cholesterol levels inside his body. Though considered necessary for our body, it is the high level of bad cholesterol that causes a surge in blood pressure also. Some elliptical workout routines help in conversion of bad cholesterol into good cholesterol thereby removing the plaque that is formed over the arteries carrying blood into various parts of our bodies. This helps in lowering our blood pressure. Coming from the house of Lance Armstrong, Livestrong LS8.0E has become popular among the people as it is known to provide effective cardiovascular workouts that help in lowering of cholesterol.

Elliptical machines were introduced to allow people to have low impact cardiovascular workouts. These machines helped in keeping the heart of the user healthy while toning up his lower as well as upper body muscles. It is only recently that these machines have emerged as useful in weight loss endeavors also. These machines help people in losing weight through following features.

  • Elliptical workout routines improve the health of heart improving its efficiency to pump blood to other parts of the body;
  • Elliptical machines allow obese people to burn calories at a fast pace to help them in their weight loss endeavor;
  • One of the causes of high blood pressure is high cholesterol levels, especially bad cholesterol. Elliptical workouts help in lowering of cholesterol thereby removing plaque on the arteries carrying blood.

It becomes clear that elliptical trainers are great in providing smooth and effective cardiovascular workouts by simulating the benefits of running and stair climbing. Their ability to strengthen heart muscles enables in lowering of high blood pressure. They allow users to burn calories at a fast pace helping in their weight loss endeavor. Losing weight helps in lowering of blood pressure. In short, elliptical machines that were till now used for cardio vascular workouts and toning of lower and upper body muscles are today considered good for reducing blood pressure also.

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