Is an Elliptical Trainer the Best Way to Utilize Your Core Muscles?

April 8, 2013 10:18 am
Is an Elliptical Trainer the Best Way to Utilize Your Core Muscles?

Elliptical trainers have become very popular fitness machines these days and it is not only gyms where you see members lining up to get a chance to work out on these machines. Elliptical trainers are being made by companies for use at home and people who are fitness conscious make use of these machines to get smooth and effective cardio workout and also to tone up many different muscle groups in their bodies. Earlier, elliptical trainers were considered good for cardio and lower body muscles only but with movable handles, these fitness machines are today able to tone up upper body muscles also. These machines are also being used for working your core body muscles.

But before jumping the gun and finding out the elliptical workouts that are known for their ability to provide effective workout for your core muscles, it makes sense to understand the principle of core muscles. These are one of the strongest muscles of our bodies as they are required to provide support and stability to us. These muscles give us the power and strength to carry out strenuous physical exercises and activities. Strengthening of our core muscles therefore makes sense when we are doing workouts because of the importance of these muscles in doing physical activities.

When we are pushing pedals and pushing and pulling handlebars of elliptical trainers, we not only get a decent cardio workout but also toning of our lower as well as upper body muscles. Our core muscles are situated around the centre of our bodies and though it seems that it is the muscles around our legs and thighs only that gets worked out with the help of elliptical trainers, here are several elliptical workouts that help in toning our core muscles.

Do not use handlebars if you want to concentrate upon core
Your back and the abdominals contain the core muscles and toning these muscles may be difficult to activate by simple pedaling of the elliptical trainer. Another core muscles are the muscles of hips that can be toned with the help of exercises done on elliptical trainers. Experts believe that to get an effective workout for your core muscles, you need not do anything special. In fact, you are discouraged to hold the handlebars if you plan to focus upon your core. This is because your focus is upon balancing yourself more when you are not holding the handlebars and this requires putting in more effort through your muscles. Thus for an effective core workout, do not hold the handlebars. Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer is a very popular elliptical trainer that has a SrxStar certified design that makes exercising on this machine very smooth and effective.

Weight bearing aspect of the elliptical trainers is good for your core

Do not underestimate the potential of an elliptical trainer considering it to be good only for the health of your heart. You will burn calories and tone your upper and lower body muscles also. However, there is another aspect of elliptical trainer workouts that largely goes unnoticed. This is the weight bearing aspect that strengthens muscles and makes bones stronger. It is this aspect of elliptical machine workouts that is important for making your core muscles stronger and firmer. Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer is a cross trainer that provides a natural feel to the user thereby helping in development of core muscles.

Developing core strength

Developing your core muscle group is important for your overall strength. Elliptical trainers can be the tool to develop your core muscles. All it requires is maintaining the correct standing posture on the trainer during a workout. You will be surprised how quickly you develop strength in your back and abdominal muscles virtually eliminating any pain that you may have felt on other fitness machines. Instead of taking help of the handlebars for support, hold weights in your both hands if you are interested in increasing the strength of your core muscles. Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer has a variable stride length providing full comfort to the user while working out.

Elliptical machine was invented to provide smooth cardio workout to people. Their ability to have near zero impact on joints made them extremely popular among people having joint problems. However, they can also be used to enhance the strength of core muscles.

  • Maintain correct posture and do not lean forward or backward to strengthen your core muscles;
  • Let go of yourself and do not hold the handlebars if you plan to develop core strength;
  • Hold weights in both your hands allowing you to concentrate on your core muscles while working out on your elliptical trainer.

Make the most of your elliptical trainer and develop your core muscles by maintaining a correct posture to improve your overall strength that helps in doing physical activities.

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