Elliptical Workouts to Perfect Your Waist

April 21, 2013 7:10 am
Elliptical Workouts to Perfect Your Waist

Out of all body areas from where an individual tries to lose fat, it is the waistline that proves to be the most difficult. In fact, if an individual’s weight loss endeavor is successful, it is the fat around the waist that goes away right at the last stage. There are many different ways to lose fat around one’s waist and doing aerobic exercises in addition to having control on one’s diet is supposed to work well. Elliptical machines are considered excellent for providing smooth and effective aerobic workouts to help people achieve their goal of fat loss around the waist. Elliptical workouts being aerobic, one can expect an increased heart rate and fast burning of calories to lose fat from body.

Many people are under the impression that by emphasizing on some particular exercises such as sit-ups and crunches, they can actually reduce fat around the waist in a faster manner. However, the fact is that one has to lose weight all over his body to be able to get rid of love handles or other fat around the waist. This is what is possible with the help of regular elliptical machine workouts that concentrate not just upon lower body muscles but on burning calories in a fast paced manner to help you lose fat all over the body. Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical is one cross trainer that has the ability to provide effective and intense workout to most muscle groups in the body of an individual. This is why it is considered very good if losing weight or fat is your goal.

Your intensity level is important

There are obese people who continue to do elliptical trainer workouts for long periods of time but have very little to show in terms of fat reduction. This is perhaps because they pedal along at level zero, 1, or 2 to feel nothing even after 30 minutes of exercise. This is certainly not going to work if your goal is weight reduction as your muscles around the belly and abdomen will not give the kind of intense workout they require to shed some fat. The elliptical machines of today are fitted with many different levels of resistance and one can choose a high level to get a very intense workout. Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine has computer controlled 16 levels of resistance that makes it easier for an individual to plan to burn calories at a fast rate to lose fat around the waist.

Features of an elliptical machine

There are many kinds of elliptical trainers available in the market with some without handles. These machines are not able to provide workout to upper body muscles and all you get is cardio workout and toning of your lower body muscles. This means that the total number of calories burnt with a session of elliptical workout on these machines is much lower than what is required to help you lose fat around your waist. In sharp contrast are the elliptical trainers that have moving handles that can be worked forward and backwards to get workout for upper body also. LiveStrong LS8.0E Elliptical is one cross trainer that tones up nearly all muscle groups in your body and provides a very intense workout to help you in your fat loss endeavor.

The duration of workout is also important

Thousands of obese men and women can be seen complaining about the inefficiency of their elliptical trainers in helping them reduce their waistline. What they do not realize is that they need to continue for at least 20-30 minutes in a session to burn calories at the required level. Also, there is elliptical interval workout that does not allow the body of the individual to get accustomed to the intensity and duration of the workout and makes it burn calories at a fast rate.

One important thing to keep in mind while starting on a fat reduction endeavor is to keep control over what you eat during the plan. If you keep working at great intensity on your elliptical trainer but at the same time continue to indulge in overeating or consuming colas and burgers, you can certainly not reach your desired waistline.

Elliptical machines are very popular around the country for their ability to provide low impact cardio workouts. However, they are also capable of delivering more if one is prepared to work accordingly. This is particularly true in the case of obese individuals as they can hope to lose fat around their waistline using elliptical workouts. All one has to do is to remember following points.

  • Fat loss around waist cannot be targeted as losing fat from all over the body si the more feasible solution;
  • Set resistance level high to get more intense workout;
  • Choose elliptical that has moving handles to burn more calories;
  • Do workouts for longer periods and also frequently.
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