General Considerations for Elliptical Resistances

April 4, 2013 12:19 pm
General Considerations for Elliptical Resistances

Elliptical machines are great to improve upon one’s fitness levels within the comfort of home as more and more companies are making these crops trainers for use at home. These fitness equipments that resemble exercise bikes sans their seats, provide low impact workouts to the users unlike the treadmills that are not only costly but also involve a lot of wear and tear of joints. Resistance of an elliptical machine is a very important feature as it decides the intensity of your workout. Without having the facility to increase or decrease the resistance on elliptical trainer, it is impossible to achieve the fitness goals that you have set for yourself. This is the reason why resistance is so important for any elliptical trainer.

Though elliptical trainers are very easy on the joints of the user, they are designed to provide a high level of resistance to the user to be able to get a high intensity workout that helps in toning the muscles of the individual. This resistance is offered by elliptical machines through their pedals that you need to push to get cardio vascular workout. Good elliptical machines offer various levels of resistance. If you feel that the current elliptical resistance level is not sufficient and you are not able to get a high intensity workout, you can always choose a higher level of resistance. Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical has become very popular among the people because it provides 20 different levels of resistance that are based upon Eddy Current Braking system.

Magnetic Resistance system

Resistance of an elliptical is the force that you require to push the pedal. Higher the resistance offered by the elliptical, the more difficult it becomes for you to pedal it along. Most cross trainers employ magnetic resistance by having a magnetic field inside a spinning flywheel. The more forcefully a user pedals along, the higher is the resistance offered by the pedal. Actually the resistance on elliptical is determined by the distance between the magnets and the flywheel. As magnets come closer to the flywheel, they are able to exert a greater resistance. This system is known as particle brake resistance system and can be manual or programmed. However, it is rarely used nowadays.

ECB resistance system

ECB stands for Eddy Current Braking. This is one resistance system that has become very popular and used by most of the manufacturers these days. In this system, current is sent from the console of the elliptical and the strength of the current decides the strength of resistance. This is a very advanced resistance system as it does not require a spinning flywheel for resistance. There are no moving parts and therefore no chances of wear and tear and malfunctioning. However, the only drawback of this system lies in its high cost. Sole E55 Elliptical Machine makes use of ECB and is therefore a very popular elliptical trainer available in the market these days.

Different levels of resistance

Most elliptical trainers available in the market provide various levels of resistance to the users. In general, good quality trainers are known to provide 12-32 levels of resistance on elliptical. It is however not the number of levels but how easily and comfortably the user can shift between resistance levels that ultimately decides the efficacy of the resistance system. If you think you can get down to change the resistance level and it does not make much of a difference, you can go in for an elliptical trainer with magnetic resistance system that is manual. However, if you want an advanced resistance system that you can use without having to get down, you need to pay a high amount as ECB is available only in expensive elliptical trainers. Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical Trainer is fitness equipment that provides 10 different levels of automatic resistance to the user and is yet very affordable.

Resistance is the backbone of an elliptical trainer as without different levels of resistance, workout on an elliptical becomes monotonous and is also not able to provide enough resistance to tone up the muscles of the user. In fact, many people continue to exercise at zero level of resistance feeling nothing. These are the people who later complain that they are not able to shed weight or tone up their muscles.

  • Before finalizing a trainer, learn about its resistance mechanism;
  • Magnetic resistance makes use of moving parts;
  • Eddy Current Braking system makes use of current sent through console to provide resistance;
  • Magnetic resistance is not as accurate as ECB;
  • ECB is more expensive than magnetic resistance and more easy to employ also;
  • Move on to a higher level of resistance once you have become accustomed to the intensity of a particular resistance level;
  • Making effective use of resistance levels of an elliptical is the key to deriving maximum benefit from this fitness machine.
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