General Benefits of Elliptical Machines

March 24, 2013 3:16 pm
General Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Introduced to the world of fitness during the 1990’s, elliptical trainers, or cross trainers as they are also called, have become one of the most popular and loved fitness machines around the world. These machines simulate the natural movements of walking, running, and stair climbing to bring cardio vascular workouts to people without putting too much of strain on their knees and ankles.Since their advent, elliptical machines have become preferred choice of millions around the world and emerged as a great substitute for the treadmills. This article intends to bring out benefits of elliptical machines to enable readers to take an informed decision.

Good for the health of your heart

Whether or not you are a fitness freak, it is the desire of everyone to have a healthy heart. Among the chief benefits of elliptical workouts is their ability to improve the overall health of your heart. This they do by enhancing the levels of oxygen pumped inside the heart and by improving blood circulation. The workouts designed for elliptical trainers lead to strong heart and lungs.

Low impact workout

This is another great benefit of doing exercises on an elliptical machine. Unlike treadmills where you have to run or walk as you do outdoors, your feet never leave the pedals of the elliptical machine thereby reducing the impact on the knees, ankles, and hips. There is no wear and tear of your body parts and they are not put under any strain though you still derive all the benefits of walking, running, and stair climbing.

Total body workout

Despite being stationary machines, elliptical trainer has the ability to provide workout to most of the muscle groups of your body and in addition to cardio vascular workouts and lower body workouts, the moving handles of an elliptical make it possible to tone up shoulder and chest muscles also. Versatility is the main characteristic of elliptical trainer and it is designed to provide varied workouts to you. The reason why elliptical trainers are also referred to as cross trainers is because of their ability to target different muscle groups. Thus you can not only tone up your calves and muscles around ankles, knees, and hips but also biceps, triceps, glutes, chest muscles, quadriceps, back muscles, and event hamstrings.

Elliptical trainer requires very little maintenance

One of the biggest elliptical machine benefits is their durability and minimal maintenance. As these machines are stationary and have fewer moving part, elliptical undergo very little wear and tear requiring very little maintenance. There is no moving belt and the motor as is the case with a treadmill. This means you need not get your machine serviced frequently.

Compact and space saving

This is another of the myriad elliptical benefits. There are available in the market very compact and lightweight elliptical trainers that can even be folded to occupy very little space making them very easy to store in small spaces like under the bed or one side of the room. The machines are also portable allowing them to be moved around the home easily.

Smooth and noiseless

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of elliptical as you do heavier workouts as you do not perceive any exertion. The reason behind this smooth workout is the use of heavy flywheel that provides enhanced inertia reducing effort on your part. Also, doing workouts on an elliptical doers not become monotonous as you can watch your favorite TV show because the machine does not produce any noise. Doing exercise on elliptical is almost fun filled as it does not put strain on your body parts.

Great for weight loss endeavor

Elliptical trainer is not just good for the health of your heart but also for your appearance. This is because an hour’s workout on elliptical is believed to make you lose around 773 calories. This is great news for all those who are obese and looking for easy ways to shed their fat.

There are many companies making elliptical trainers for home use these days considering how popular these machines have become among the masses. Out of them, SOLE Fitness and Proform have carved a niche for themselves as companies making very sturdy and effective machines. Talking of specific models, Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical machine is especially popular because of its great features and the ability to provide smooth workouts. Similarly, Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer is selling in great numbers because of its ease of use and noiseless operation. Another elliptical making wave these days is Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical.

Summing it up in the end

If you are a fitness freak not having the time to hit the gym everyday at the same time, elliptical machines are great to keep you in good shape and provide you total body workout.

  • Great for the health of your heart;
  • Provide low impact workouts;
  • Easy and fun filled workouts;
  • Target all muscle groups;
  • Put no strain on knees and ankles;
  • Easy to store;
  • Low on maintenance.
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Posted by Dan Dekker
May 1, 2013 at 7:59 pm

Thanks for posting this article because others like myself are always searching for great workouts on our elliptical trainer machines. Me personally, I absolutely love my elliptical. Not only do I burn a ton of calories, but i also get a great upper body tone. I do speed training intervals and mix it up with low impact training to really get the benefits of my elliptical. Keep these articles coming. It is full of useful information.

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