General Health Risks with Elliptical Machines

April 23, 2013 4:19 pm
General Health Risks with Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines are so called because of the movement of feet in an elliptical path while pushing the pedals of these machines. These are also called cross trainers because of their similarities with both the treadmills and stationary exercise bikes. You place your feet on the foot pedals and work your way to a better health by pushing these pedals as the machines simulate the actions of walking, running, and stair climbing. Some of these elliptical machines also have handles to make them almost like exercise bikes. There are many health benefits that accrue to an individual by using these elliptical trainers. The most obvious ones are smooth and effective cardiovascular workouts with toning of lower body muscles. However, like all machines, elliptical trainers are also not perfect or ideal for everyone. There are also some general health risks associated with these cross trainers like aches and pains that are reported by many users.

Pains and aches in muscles

Most people who are not accustomed to doing workouts on elliptical trainers are also not aware of the posture they need to maintain on these machines. The result is that they experience pain in their muscles and they feel that it is the fault of the machine rather than their own bad posture. This is also because of the availability of many different models of elliptical machines in the market with some having seats while others having moving handles. There are also people who in their zeal overdo these machines and continue for longer than they should with the result that they experience all sorts of muscle pains. Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine has become very popular among people looking to stay in shape and improve upon their fitness levels as it provides very smooth workouts without any chances of injuries or pains and aches. One reason of muscle aches is long use without changing resistance level or the exercise.

Pain in the calf muscles

Thousands of people have reported pain in their calf muscles after using elliptical trainers. Although these machines are very low impact and provide effective cardio workouts, the stress or the load is transferred in the case of many people on their calves as there is no strain on knees and ankles. Experts are of the view that it is not advisable to lay stress on one’s heels while doing elliptical workouts to avoid pain in calves. All those people not very active or doing any other kind of physical activity should not do vigorous exercises using elliptical machines to avoid strain on their calves. Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer has gained a lot of popularity among the masses because of its ease of operation and also because it does not lead to any strains or pains in the calves of the users.

Overuse of elliptical machines

Elliptical machines are known for their ability to deliver workouts without putting any strain on the joints of the user. The result is that people do not feel any tiredness even after continuing with exercises on these machines for long time periods. This overuse leads to exertion and people also face the risk of doing workouts that raise their heart rate beyond recommended levels.

Using elliptical machines for weight loss

Elliptical machines are designed to provide smooth and effective cardio workouts and also for toning up of various body muscles. However, people have started to use these machines to achieve fat loss that requires them to burn calories at a furious pace. This causes some health problems to people and doctors also advise not to overexert self on these elliptical trainers. There are dozens of elliptical body trainers available in the market but Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical has become extremely popular among the obese because of its ability to allow them to shed fat easily without causing any health problems.

Check your comfort level

Though elliptical machines are designed to be easy on the joints and to provide smooth workouts to the users, it is always prudent to check on your comfort level before finalizing a particular brand or model. This is because these machines are designed to work in an ideal manner for average guys. Most of the health problems faced by people after workouts on elliptical trainers arise because of this very reason.

If you are a newbie and want to improve your fitness levels at home using elliptical trainers, there is basically no harm in starting on these machines. However, to avoid general health problems experienced by others, you must keep in mind following points.

  • Maintain correct posture;
  • Avoid placing too much of stress on your heels;
  • Do not overexert yourself;
  • Check on your comfort level before finalizing the elliptical machine;
  • Do not continue for too long on these machines.
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