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If you are on the lookout for a body trainer that can give you faster and visible results, then Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical trainer is the one that the doctor ordered for you. This wonder trainer that is already creating waves in the country is capable of providing you with smarter workouts making use of Google maps and a wireless technology. It comes fitted with an incline that is adjustable and allows you to concentrate on different muscle groups with the press of a button. This elliptical is designed to give shape and to maintain your lower body muscles such as glutes, calves, and the quads while maintaining your upper body as well.

Description of Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical

If you do not want something that is too complex electronically and focuses instead on functionality, Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical is the trainer you must take a look at. This elliptical trainer has a space saving design and is compatible with iFit Live, a revolutionary wireless fitness regime that lets the machine decide on the incline according to the fitness program of the individual. You choose the terrain anywhere in the world, and the machine provides the difficulty level that you will actually get while riding a bike in that terrain. This is possible through a computer that is fitted on the console of the trainer.

Key Features of Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical

  • Adjustable Incline;
  • Fan to keep you cool during workout;
  • Compatible with wireless technology called iFit;
  • Big LCD display;
  • Different resistance levels;
  • Music port to keep you entertained;
  • Space saving design;
  • Strong and sturdy design and construction;
  • 18 inch big stride for comfort and full exercise.

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Pros of Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical

  • Variety of workouts
    This is perhaps the biggest benefit of this elliptical trainer that comes fitted with 18 different workout programs. Another great plus for a serious individual is that this trainer has the provision to change the resistance level digitally. There 14 resistance levels to suit the requirements of all the people, whether they are amateur or professional.
  • Wireless technology
    This elliptical machine is technologically very advanced as it is compatible with the revolutionary iFit Live, a wireless program that empowers you to download workout schedules and also enables you to manage your own profile. You also get tips and training from a pro like Jillian Michaels while getting a chance to compete with others in competitions. You are given the option to choose the terrain using this technology and the machine simulates the actual terrain of the place you feed in the console.
  • Workout fan
    The workout fan ensures you are able to workout at high resistance levels without getting tired as it keeps you cool. This fan is built-in the elliptical trainer and you do not have to bother about air no matter where you have kept the machine.
  • High capacity of 300lbs
    This solid machine can take much more than you can think as it has been designed to take a load of up to 300lbs. This means that you can train for as long and at high resistance levels for as long as you wish to exercise without worrying about the health of the trainer.
  • Easy in storage
    Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical has been designed to provide complete workout without causing any obstruction or hindrance. It can be folded to fit in small spaces making it very convenient for storage.
  • Warranty on parts and labor
    This elliptical machine is solidly built and is very sturdy and durable. The company is confident about it longevity and high performance which is why it is giving warranty on its parts as well as labor for one year.
  • Music port
    The machine has built in speakers and you can connect your iPod to listen to the wonderful music while you are doing your workout.

Cons of Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical

  • The trainer has a fixed 18 inches stride length which may be short for tall and heavy people;
  • The incline is adjustable but lifts only up to 25 degrees thus not providing very hard work out to some people;
  • Membership to iFit Live is costly and requires additional $9.99 every month.

Authorized Consumer reports

“The trainer is amazingly quiet and does not even squeak while working out. I received quick response from the service to replace some of the missing washers. I could assemble it on my own. The only downside is the performance of the fan.”

“I loved working on this trainer that is robust and very easy to use. The only thing that I did not like is the LCD screen to read the parameters. It is blue in color and not the color monitor that the company claims it to be.”

Our Final Thoughts on Proform 14.0 CE Elliptical

After trying the elliptical on our own and after making an assessment of all the reviews and opinions of other users, we are of the view that Proform 14.0 CE elliptical is a solidly built trainer that takes little time to set up and is an easy machine to do workout upon. It also happens to be one technologically advanced machine that produces visible results. It has compatibility with iFit Live courtesy wireless technology and it can simulate the terrain one wants to exercise upon sing Google Maps. However, not everyone seems to be satisfied with its fan system while there are also users who feel that the speakers that are inbuilt are very weak. All in all, this elliptical machine is a great cross trainer for those on a budget.

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