Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine (New 2013 Model)

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Adjustability Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0
Reliability Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0
Features & Accessories Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5
Noise Level Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5
Price Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5Rating: 3.5
Warranty Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0Rating: 4.0
Help & Support Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0Rating: 5.0
Overall Rating: Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5

SOLE Fitness is a company that needs no introduction in the world of fitness equipment. Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine is one trainer that is a proud member of a wide range of trainers made by SOLE. Not only is it reasonably priced, it is also very high on quality and performance. If you are looking for a machine that provides easy and effective workouts and is also high quality and durable, this is a great option for you.

Description of Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine is one elliptical trainer that gives you the feeling of being just the right kind of a machine for all your workout requirements. This is a solid trainer that has been built to silently perform and do what is has been made for. This machine is so smooth in operation that you will not feel a thing despite it being able to provide enough workouts to your body. It is not just the large and heavy flywheel that gives a fluid motion to this trainer but the attention to detail by SOLE that makes it a very effective cross trainer.

Key features of Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine (New 2013 model)

  • Large 20 inch stride;
  • Smooth operation;
  • Low impact workouts;
  • Heart rate monitor
  • High weight capacity of 325 pounds;
  • 20 resistance levels;
  • Sturdy frame made of steel;
  • Lifetime warranty on frame;
  • Handlebars with pulse sensors to keep a watch on heart rate;
  • Heavy flywheel.

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Pros of Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

  • Smooth and silent operation
    This elliptical trainer makes use of a heavy 25 pound flywheel to ensure smooth and fluid motion. This means that the user does not feel exhausted even after long workouts on this machine.
  • Heavy machine
    This is a 200 pound machine that can take the rough in its stride. It does not make squeaky sounds during operation even when used by an individual with a 300 pound weight.
  • Built-in music port
    This feature ensures that you can listen to music from your iPod or any other player by connecting it to the speakers of this trainer and enjoy during workouts.
  • Large backlit display
    Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine has a large LCD monitor on the mainframe that makes it easy to read and understand all parameters easily. You can keep track of time, distance covered, speeds, calories burnt and other information making for an effective workout.
  • Inbuilt sensors for monitoring heart rate
    The handle bars of the elliptical trainer are fitted with pulse rate sensors to help you monitor your heart rate.
  • Inward tilted foot pedals
    This is a unique feature of this elliptical trainer that has been introduced by the engineers at SOLE to reduce stress on ankle and foot. The pedals are oversized for maximum comfort and the inward slope of the pedals is deliberate to enhance the comfort of the user.

Cons of Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

  • Inward tilt of pedals causes discomfort for some people.
  • Assembly of the machine is cumbersome and take sa along time and huge effort.
  • The machine is bulky and requires large storage space.
  • It is not easy to transport.

Authorized consumer reports

“This is a marvelous elliptical trainer. It took a while to assemble the parts together but once it was ready, it was a great workout experience for me. Not only is the stride long that I like, the machine makes absolutely no sound while I am doing the workout making it almost unbelievable. The console with the LCD display is great and provides all the information that I need. Music fro0m my iPod sounds great with eh inbuilt speakers of this trainer.”
Matthew Anderton

“This is a great elliptical. It is not only silent; it is also very smooth and provides effective workouts. I love the compact size of this trainer which is much smaller than its older cousin E35. I have had no problems or any real issues with this machine so far and feel that the criticism in elliptical review on the internet has more to do with assembly of the machine rather than its working.”

Our final thoughts on Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

If we go by the prices of other cross trainers made by SOLE Fitness, E25 seems to an entry level trainer but it has some features that are available in only the more expensive models from other companies. It is a machine that is robust and provides great workouts silently. It is compact thereby saving space. It comes with a lifetime warranty on frame inspiring confidence among the users. With 20 resistance levels and 10 different workouts already programmed in, this is an elliptical trainer that is catching the fancy of people who are budget conscious but also demand quality.

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