The Dangers of Elliptical Trainers

April 23, 2013 4:49 pm
The Dangers of Elliptical Trainers

There was a time during the eighties that treadmills happened to be a craze among al health and fitness conscious people and gym members were seen waiting to step on these machines to log their daily miles. A decade later, first of the elliptical trainers were introduced in the gyms and they son caught the imagination of the people as they provided a safer alternative to running with their low impact workouts. Today, there are dozens of manufacturers of these cross trainers and the numbers of people using these fitness machines at homes is also increasing all the time. But are elliptical trainers all that safe to be used by people of all ages and both genders? There is nothing called perfect when it comes to exercising machines and these trainers are made for use of average individuals only. This article takes a closer look at the pitfalls of indiscriminate use of elliptical trainers in the quest for better health and fitness.

Ease of use has its own pitfalls

Most people who use elliptical trainers to improve upon their fitness levels and to stay in shape say that these machines are almost effortless and they feel nothing even after doing elliptical workouts for long durations. It is a fact that in comparison to walking or running on a treadmill, exercising on an elliptical trainer puts much less strain on the joints of the individual so that he does not feel any tiredness or exhaustion. It has been seen that many people tend to develop bad postures while pedaling their way on an elliptical trainer with the result that they actually feel pain sand aches in hips and back after spending time on the elliptical machine. Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer has become very popular among health conscious people and it avoids this pitfall as it provides challenging and very intense elliptical trainer workouts at high levels of resistance.

Low impact workout does not augur well for your bones

It is true that for all those who have weak knees and have other issues with their joints find elliptical machines very alluring. This is because of the ability of these machines to simulate the motions of walking, running, an stair climbing without the usual wear and tear of your knees and ankles that is associated with these physical activities. However, recent studies have pointed out weight bearing exercises like running and stair climbing are good for the health of our bones. They actually increase bone density and reduce the chances of osteoporosis later in our lives. Choosing elliptical body trainers for all your fitness needs and ignoring other exercises is like putting all your eggs in a single basket. According to American College of Rheumatology, the cartilages in our legs become more healthy and are able to repair themselves more quickly if they are subject to moderate impact and some wear and tear rather than when safeguarded against al wear and tear. Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer is one exercise machine that provides weight bearing exercises n addition to aerobic exercises to the individual with the result that it has become very popular among the people.

Numbness in your feet

Low mpact may be a good ting for your joints such as knees and ankles but the fact that your feet remained strapped while you pedal your way to a better health means you develop numbness in your feet after some time when you do workout continuously for a long time period. There have been cases when people have tripped over and caused injury to themselves because of numbness in their feet. However, there is no such problem in case of Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer as the user can move his feet and take off his feet in air whenever there is any discomfort without the danger of falling down from the machine.

Over exertion

There are many who want to use elliptical machines for their weight loss endeavors. In their zeal to burn calories at a fast pace, they try to pedal at a great pace at a high resistance level. This increases their heart rate to a level that is not good for their health. This is why it is better to take elliptical trainers as machines for effective cardio workouts and to help in toning of muscles rather than for serious body building or weight loss only.

Like all machines made to help in improving one’s fitness, there are certain pitfalls with elliptical trainers.

  • Low impact makes people adopt wrong posture leading to pains and aches;
  • Lack of weight bearing exercises is not considered good for the health of one’s bones;
  • Over exertion on these machines is not recommended by doctors as it leads to very high heart rate;
  • There are chances of tripping or falling leading to serious injury;
  • Moving parts can also lead to serious injury if one is not alert.
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