Top-10 Workout Mistakes on the Elliptical Trainer Machine

March 26, 2013 8:15 am
Top-10 Workout Mistakes on the Elliptical Trainer Machine

Ever since their introduction, elliptical trainers have become the most preferred fitness machines for people around the world. People can be seen waiting for their turn to get a chance to do their daily routines on these machines inside gyms. Fitness equipment manufacturers are producing more and more models of these trainers for home use sensing the craze and popularity of the people.Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer is one cross trainer that is renowned for the comfort and ease of operation. However, despite the fact that these cross trainers are great stationary machines that help you in attaining improved fitness levels with ease, there are certain mistakes that people make during elliptical workouts that prevent them from deriving maximum benefits out of these trainers. Let us take a closer look at the top 10 workout mistakes people make during elliptical machine workouts.

Pedaling away at zero resistance

You can think of yourself as a fitness freak that does a mile within a minute but without increasing the resistance level of your elliptical machine, you are really not going to achieve the desired results. It is like doing weight training with 1 KG dumbbells that seem to produce no effect on your muscles. If you get tired at high resistance level, start with a moderate level and gradually increase it as you become accustomed.

Not adjusting the seat according to your height

Most people, in their hurry to start a workout forget to set the height of the seat and jump on the seat without realizing they are unnecessarily putting strain on their lower back by keeping the seat a bit too high or a bit too low. When the seat is too low for your height, your hamstring and quadriceps do not get the full effect of your elliptical workout. On the other hand, when you sit on a machine with too high a seat, you put unnecessary strain on your Achilles tendon.

Pulling and pushing arms

When you start to pull or push your hands on the handles, your focus gets shifted from your legs and they do not get the benefit they should from the elliptical workout routines.

Not entering your personal information

Elliptical trainers are made to store personal information like weight etc of the user. When you do not enter your personal details, it obviously does not return with accurate information on calories burnt by you as it makes use of an average reading for which it has been calibrated.

Not keeping the posture straight

If you are a sloucher, chances are that you adopt an awkward posture in an effort to relax while doing elliptical trainer workouts. This droop prevents you from burning as much calories as you ideally should while exercising on an elliptical trainer.

Not changing the workout for a long time

If you keep doing the same workout routine for a long time, it becomes monotonous and does not produce the desired results. This monotony cans be broken in two ways. You can either change the resistance frequently or you can change the pace at which you do workouts at the elliptical trainer.

Not doing workout for your upper body

Elliptical machines are great in the sense that they can help in total body workout in contrast to other exercise bikes. You must incorporate moving handles at least twice a week to give workout to your upper body muscles.

Paying attention to reading more than you should

Yes, an elliptical is a noiseless machine that allows you get smooth workouts while allowing you to read from a newspaper or magazine. But your focus gets shifted from workouts to reading thereby preventing you to derive maximum benefit from elliptical workout plan.

Relying solely on elliptical machine for your fitness

Even though elliptical trainer is designed to provide easy and smooth workouts to help you achieve higher fitness levels, you must incorporate other workouts such as weight training and cardio equipment. This allows more variety into your workout regime.

Putting too much pressure on toes

Many people in their excitement try to peddle too fast and unknowingly put too much pressure on their toes. This causes the feet to go numb and making people uncomfortable quickly thereby cutting short their workouts.

There are many companies making elliptical trainers for use at home. Among these, Stamina and Schwinn need special mention for their easy to use and sturdy models of cross trainers. Some of the most popular models from these companies are Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is one such stationary fitness equipment that is creating waves among people who are fitness conscious.

Elliptical trainers are wonderful machines to help you remain in good shape and high fitness levels. The popularity of Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer is a proof of this fact. However, make sure you do not commit these mistakes.

  • Keep on changing workouts;
  • Use the machine to give workout to upper body also;
  • Adjust the seat according to your height;
  • Do not exercise at zero resistance level;
  • Do not rely on elliptical trainer alone for all your fitness requirements.
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